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raison d'être

For the past decade, Rina Sfalcin has dedicated her career to developing beautiful leather products.  Getting her start in a 115yr old family owned belt manufacturer in Montreal, she helped design and develop belts for luxury brands from around the world.  

"I've found that many accessory brands, even luxury brands, skimp on the materials, aiming for higher profit margins. As a result, I think people have lost touch of what truly fine quality looks and feels like.  We've forgotten what top grain leather is like to hold and to own, and how it changes with the wearer over time.  I expect a Sfalci belt to last with its wearer for more than a decade, and then it should be handed down." 
Applying her Nonna’s golden rule -- that is, cooking simply but using only the finest ingredients, and always adding love -- Rina makes her belts from what she considers to be the best leathers in the world, and she puts love into every, simple, understated detail.


Just beautiful belts.

Our beltmaker, Michel, has been hand-making belt samples for 40 years. I met him in 2007 when he was the head sample maker for a major belt manufacturer, working on belt collections for some of the best brands in the world.

We’ve been working together for a decade, and Michel is a good friend, and a great belt maker. If there’s a thread stitch out of place, he probably did it on purpose.

At this time, all of our belts are made in Montreal. Eventually, if we grow, some of our belts will be made by our friends Paco & Manuel, in southern Spain. No need for that yet.